Aged Care Consultancy Services
Positive Outcomes & Positive Futures


Aged Care Consultancy Services (ACCS) are a team of Aged Care Professionals and Architects. We are led by Kris Swaffer, formerly CEO of Bonney Healthcare and ICE architects Director Simon Grist


Small to mid sized facilities often struggle to be competitive in the marketplace

We work collaboratively with management teams to help develop a business plan that ensures long-term sustainability in the face of a constantly changing regulatory environment.

Commonly a key component of the business plan is a building Master-Plan that provides an analysis of existing facilities and projected accommodation requirements.

In particular we specialize in working with Providers that cater for culturally and linguistically diverse communities (CALD). Catering for special needs residents can provide a niche for smaller operators that allows them to operate profitably into the future without necessarily seeking economies of scale through an increase in bed numbers.

ACCS can assist in applying for ACAR special needs places.


We offer continuity between the business plan and facility design by integrating the two processes from the outset.

Kris Swaffer has 28 years experience in Aged Care. As former CEO of Bonney Healthcare her knowledge of running small to medium sized facilities is unmatched. Having a design oriented Aged Care Professional with decades of experience as a CEO as part of the both the business development and building design teams means we can offer a seamless service that allows us to produce tailor made solutions.

Simon Grist has 30 years experience in Architecture and is also a Director of ICE architects. He provides the direct link  from your business plan and Master-plan to its realisation in built form.


ACCS's mission statement is summed up in our slogan "Positive Outcomes and positive futures"

This applies to both the Provider and Residents.

We aim to provide a pathway of long-term financial viability for Providers in a form that translates into direct benefits for residents.